Go Green Ideas – Going green

go-green-ideas-ebookGo Green Ideas are great ways to save money and going green at the same time. The e-book lists several strategies that could be used by ordinary people to save natural resources and money simultaneously. Many people who care about the environment are trying their best to eliminate waste from their surroundings.

Collectively these people are already doing great work to save the environment in relation to other people who just try to impress with changes in lifestyle radicals. Join millions of people in this mission to save the environment, preserving for present and future generations of the earth.  Irineia lawyer and educator  and Edston an internet marketer multi specialist wrote this e-book related to different strategies on how to go green and save money in doing so. We have experience and knowledge about the environment and how to go green and make the world a healthier place to live. We have taken the trouble to investigate and select content for readers to have accurate and reliable information. The scientific researcher today prepares texts that promote the reader, generally involving the observation of phenomena.  We have to leave the common sense and think differently.

Our goal is to reach people who want a greener planet and a healthy environment to live. We believe that after reading the contents of this book, even those who have not tried everything to go green will recognize and appreciate the strategies  mentioned in the ebook.

Blogging consistently helped us a lot in getting ideas for the book “125 go green ideas” as it helped to develop a base of fans and popularity in the region. Such popularity and acceptance helped us in our ebook publishing with ease and security. We made the book available in electronic copy so that interested readers can download the pdf file to read online on their mobile phones or tablet. That helped a lot in marketing the book to millions of people living in different areas of the world who care for a cleaner and healthier environment.

We have researched deeply into the issues surrounding the ways to go green and save money and influence people to adopt a lifestyle environmentally friendly. Go green ideas will help readers with multiple ways to save gasoline, electricity, paper,natural gas, water and other natural resources. Starting to save these natural resources indirectly lead to save more money and deliver a healthier environment for us to live better.

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Live Green At Home

We all want to live green at home and save money at  the same time, and we can too. Kermit the Frog was wrong when he said,
“It ain’t easy being green.” It’s really easy, and highly effective too, if you know how. This article will provide
you with 5 essential go green ideas you can start taking today to live green and save money.

1. Turn your heater thermostats down one or two degrees in winter, and turn your air conditioning thermostats up one or two degrees in summer. If we all did this, the combined difference would be phenomenal. We’d still feel warm in winter and cool in summer, so learn how to live green and save money with your heating and cooling appliances.

2. The other appliance that needs your attention is your washing machine. Start washing your clothes in cold water. Modern powders work just as efficiently in cold water as hot. Most of the energy that goes into a clothes wash is in heating up the water, so you will save on electricity, live green and save money too.

3. When your clothes are nice and clean, don’t throw them into the dryer. Unless it’s pouring rain, hang them out to air dry. It’s what your grandmother did, and she managed just fine. She may have liked having a dryer, but they
weren’t around back then, so she just had to live green and save money. You can too!

4. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a dream come true for anyone who wants to live green and save money. They burn just 25% of the electricity that a standard light bulb burns, and they can last up to 10 times longer. Change your old bulbs today!

5. Try to consume a little less of everything, from electricity, to gas in the car, to the food you eat. Take time to write out a shopping list, and stick to it. If you feel the impulse to buy something you don’t really need, get into the habit of waiting 24 hours, then review it. The chances are you either won’t want it any more, or you will have forgotten about it. It’s easy to live green  at home and save money. You just have to give it some thought. Get into a routine that works and before you know it, you will find yourself in the situation where you live green and save money every day.

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How To Go Green – 7 Simple Tips to save at work

go_green_IdeasAt a time when the world faces increasing global warming, as more and more harmful greenhouse gases pour out into the atmosphere, more and more people
are wondering how to go green and make it cost effective too. The good news is that it’s very easy to do using go green ideas. In fact, done properly
it’s hard not to save money while helping the planet recover. So, here are seven simple tips to going green and save money.

1. Lower your winter heating by at least one degree. If you can stand two or three degrees lower, then all the better. You will use less energy and still
feel comfortable. Then in summer, let the air conditioning cool the house a little less. That’s a great start in how to go green.

2. Upgrade your CRT monitor if you still use one. The older cathode ray tube monitors are not very efficient in terms of energy use. The newer LCD monitors are much more efficient and use less energy. They also take up less space too.

 3. Print less. Or not at all, if possible. Paper doesn’t grow on trees – it is trees! If you really have to print, then consider using duplex, or double-sided printing to save half your paper needs. You’ll also save a tree or three.

4. Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs use 10% of the energy that a standard bulb needs and they last 10 times longer. So, change your light bulbs.
And if you want to know ways to go green in a bigger way with lights, check out the new LED bulbs. They can be twice as efficient as the CFL bulbs.

5. Use less water. Check all faucets for leaks and fix any you find. Take shorter showers, don’t bath, and consider getting a new toilet cistern that
will use less than two gallons of water per flush. Standard cistern use some three and a half gallons. Using less water uses less energy and saves
you money!

6. Walk rather than drive for very short trips. Use a bicycle for moderate trips, and only use the car if you really have to. Gasoline is expensive and
it pollutes the atmosphere. Save on burning it and you will save on your money too, as well as help the environment which is a great way to be green.

7. When you have to drive, keep your speed down to around 55 miles per hour if possible. Your car’s engine will be running at its most efficient at that
speed burning the minimum amount of gas. Practice driving smoothly as well. Don’t accelerate fast from a standing start, and don’t brake hard. This is
how to go green with your car, though using public transport, walking and cycling is even better.

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Go Green Ideas – Going Green

Everywhere you look these days it seems Go Green Ideas are the main message.  This is an appealing message for most people as we are constantly warned of the dire consequences of global warming out of control. People want to do their bit to help save the planet, and if they can save money at the same time, then it just obviously makes sense all round.

With go green Ideas there are several ways of going green  and save money just about anywhere, you can go green at home which is probably the most obvious place to start,  you can also do wonders with your car, in the office, out shopping, traveling on vacation, and much more. The opportunities are almost endless; going green doesn’t have to be more expensive, you can definitely save money at the same time once you know the ways to be green.

Your home probably leaks heat out during the winter and leaks heat in during the summer. For this reason most of us have winter heaters and summer air conditioning units. This should be the first place you investigate of how to go green and save money. Are all your windows tight? Are the door seals tight too? This is where heat can leak
out and make your electricity bills soar.

If your house doesn’t have good loft insulation heat will pour out in winter and pour in during the summer. Insulation is one of the best ways to use when  going green  and save money. Your walls can have their cavities filled with insulating foam as well, all keeping the heat inside in winter and outside in summer more comfortable living.

The water you use in the home is perhaps the easiest thing to apply go green tips to. Look for leaks first. Leaking faucets, even just the occasional drip, accounts for a lot of money wasted over time. You could waste as muchas 140 gallons in a week! Are your hot water pipes insulated? They should be if you aim to go green and save money. Insulated pipes let the hot water reach the faucets faster, thereby saving water, while you use go green ideas and save money too.

Low flow toilets are another way to save water. You don’t need to flush gallons of water away every time, just what you need.

Edison was a genius, but his light bulb invention has been superceded by the new compact fluorescent light bulbs. These are bulbs that use a mere 25% of the energy that a traditional light bulb uses. They also last 10 times longer. Replace all your traditional bulbs for compact fluorescent light bulbs and instantly save money  with go green ideas.

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